At Enviro Crime Solutions we designed our education programs in a way where we can go beyond the norm. During the conceptualization phases of the program we took a long hard look at the current programs in the area and looked at both the weaknesses, but more importantly at the possible ways in which we could make a significant difference in the lives of those that we helped with the education programs.

As a result we came up with an innovative way in which we could best help the best students to achieve more by forging a long term relationship. Enviro Crime Solutions specifically looks for students who show an interest in conservation and sciences.


  • A Student must have shown an already existing interest in the fields of conservation & conservation sciences.
  • A student must have a proven track record in science and mathematics at school.
  • Clear indication of a passion for conservation and a love of animals and nature in general.
  • Must provide evidence of wanting to make a difference to their community.
  • Must be hands on and willing to get down to some good old fashioned hard work in the field.
  • Emphasis will be placed on willingness to learn and not specifically on abilities. We look for learners that want to learn rather than specifically those that are good at learning.


Based on our experience in working with conservation we were exposed to various organizations and their efforts to bring ecology and conservation to as many as possible. As we gained more and more experience we started noticing a gap in the programs that are currently being implemented.

When we conceptualized our training programs we wanted to take a holistic look at the current programs available and how we could incorporate our experience and access to conservation programs into these. We wanted to ensure that where we identified gaps in the process, we could use our position and expertize to ensure a better outcome.


  • Our programs focus on lasting benefits. We have a strong focus on quality as opposed to quantity. For this reason we focus on long term relationships where learners build a future in conservation.
  • We use our access to conservation methods and programs to give students access to in field experience that they otherwise would never have had. As part of our principles we strive to cultivate and culture of inclusiveness and opening doors to learners.
  • We focus on future education possibilities and take a holistic approach to training and education. We strive to build a love for nature and conservation based on deep seated experiences and training.
  • We work diligently at removing stumbling blocks that traditionally held back youth from disadvantaged backgrounds from pursuing studies in conservation. We focus on a student’s willingness and not on ability.


To enable us to have a productive program we partnered with Kwamhlanga School district and various secondary schools to help us identify students that could benefit from our programs. In what proved to be a very successful approach we required students to display an already instilled desire to be involved in the field.

By doing this we ensured that there was evidence of a passion and drive which is a hallmark of everyone involved at Enviro Crime Solutions. This method has proven to give far better results and in the vast majority of our learners have not only gone on to have very successful study careers but have become family at Enviro Crime Solutions.

The system that we use at Enviro Crime Solutions is continuously evolving and changing and each learner is approached in a unique way. We do not prescribe to a set of rules but rather on a principle of individual development. Our goals do not stop merely at education but development of the person behind the learner.

South Africa is a land where poverty and inequality is rife. We cannot change that as a whole and neither is objective to change that. What we can do however is to make sure that the people that we do help can make the most and get a fair opportunity to make a difference int heir own lives and hopefully the lives of others.