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Forensic Investigations of Rhino Poaching Scenes.

At the heart of our work at Enviro Crime Solutions is investigations into rhino poaching incidents.Having attended to more than 400 poaching scenes we are world leaders in the investigation of rhino poaching scenes.

The basic principles of a poaching scene is exactly the same as any other crime scene with the exception of course that the "victim" is a 2.5 ton animal. Enviro Crime Solutions specifically specializes in the gathering of forensic evidence on rhino poaching scenes.

Evidence is handed to investigating authorities who will then proceed with the process of criminal prosecutions and procedures.


  • Ranger patrols will find the carcass and in many cases give pursuit of the suspects.
  • Regardless of whether a suspect is arrested the forensic team will "process" the crime scene.
  • All forensic evidence and material will be catogorized and handed to the investigating officer who will add it to the evidence as part of the case file (docket).
  • The rhino DNA will be taken and processed into the RhODIS rhino DNA database.


Our work in the field requires a very specilized set of skills and unique insight in a field where we are world leaders. The work has its own unique challenges that we deal with on a daily basis. These include:

  • Extreme weather - Temperatures in Excess of 40'C.
  • Dangerous Animals - Predators Elephant.
  • Mental Fatigue and PTSD symptoms.
  • Physical Threats from Syndicates.
  • Armed and Dangerous Criminals.
  • Public Apathy and Lack of Knowledge.